Rising Son

I’m doing much better today blog, markedly so. I’m recovering from that severe low place, and rapidly climbing back out of the hole again. Today has been less busy than today, but it’s my attitude that has improved. My demeanor is changed and I genuinely feel more optimistic and hopeful about life. I’m quite pleased with this turn-around.

I needed to get on top again, and here we are. Feeling more focused and more in control is refreshing, given how badly I was doing. I’m going to be ok blog. I really am.

I want to thank those who reached out to me and helped me through my dark time: Will and MoodyMandy, Angryalpha and Kamillej2014. You have all helped me get to a better place. I appreciate you very much.

It’s up to me to maintain this good feeling and make sure I stay ahead of my depression. I’m already half way through the day and I’m doing good. I can feel my edges fraying a bit, but the call volume is headed down from here and my business will lessen. I’m headed in the right direction blog. Cheers.