My stupid glasses broke this morning and now it’s annoying to wear them because they’re all messed up. I put tape on them to prevent a complete failure but they’re sucky now. I made an appointment with the eye doctor for tomorrow at 7:30 so I can go in there and get some decent glasses. Plus I have vision care now, so the cost should be minimal.

I also created a Match account, I guess because I was tired of hearing myself complain about being lonely, or reminiscing about lost loves. I don’t have much hope that anything will come of it, but at least now I can’t say that I have bound myself to indefinite suffering. My expectations are none, as my only hope here is to try and build a friendship with someone new, who shares a common passion. I’m into some neat things, and I would like someone to explore them with. Maybe this will result in something positive, or it may wash out to nothing. But I’m trying, and that’s better than shutting down and isolating over the long-term.

Today is my hump-day, because I have two more full days of work after this one. And that will be the case for the remaining part of this month. I don’t mind that it’s not overtime. It’s still $112, which I’m not going to just pass up for any reason.

So that’s the news. Emotionally, I’m somewhere around 85% today, and trending up. A full day of work typically deans me pretty good, but as I’ve been resting early and waking up refreshed, I’m not concerned about maintaining a decent energy level. The downward trend is over, and now will begin the steady climb back to normalcy.

I’m being proactive: whether it’s my eyes or brain, I’m keeping a close watch on my health and stability. It’s my only solemn duty at this point so I’d rather not muck it up.