So remember when just the arm of my glasses broke? A situation that was addressed by some well placed packing tape? The frame was so uncomfortable on my face, and colliding with my eyelashes that I attempted to make minor adjustments to have them not awkwardly smashing my left eye. Turns out, that was just the excuse my glasses needed to destroy themselves, breaking into two pieces at the nose bridge. Joy. As luck would have it, I still owned a pair of prescription sunglasses, which were not in several pieces. So I wore my shades, explaining to everyone in the fluorescent-lit call center about the demise of my regular glasses. My shift doesn’t end until 6:00 pm, so driving home in the dark with my sunglasses on was really dumb, and potentially dangerous. But I had no choice. Tomorrow I go to get my new glasses, but they may not be ready for days. So sunglasses or bust.

So I started a account, and paid for a month with all the bells and whistles. Someone I reached out to this morning wrote me back, interested in conversation. Her name is Amanda, and we had an exchange of messages that lasted the length of the day, trading interests, hobbies, insights and truths. I didn’t hide that I was bipolar. Why would I? It would need to be discussed at some point anyway. So we had a good chat, one that is scheduled to continue into tomorrow. It’s a very promising start, needless to say. And more importantly: it’s making me feel good. She’s a neat lady, and I really would like to get to know her better. And that may happen, or it may wither away into nothing. We’ll have to wait and see.

Today I took 34 calls, above average again, and thus time it was due in large part to the billing queue. I was busy all day with payments, invoice reprints, autopay setups, and other escalated issues that could not be resolved by me, prompting tasks and emails to get the attention of someone who would be able to address the problem. And I got yelled at for things I have zero control over, but didn’t have a single order kicked back at me. Ryan had like four, and he never looks at his universal work queue to grab his orders (which can’t be shipped because something is wrong with them) and fix the issue with them that is causing the hold up. He and several other agents had orders kicked back at them, and they spent the whole day not doing anything about it. Nice, right? These are the people I work with.

I’m back up to 90% which is generally about as high as this percentage thing goes. I’m never at 100%, because I’m not perfect, and there is always a little something wrong that keeps me in check. Lingering regret, bad thoughts, or general fatigue are all things that damage the percentage. But I really can’t ask for more. I’ve been on a roll these past few days. And I’m feeling super.

I need to go to bed. I’m up at 6:00 am to get my act together and get over to the eye care center by 7:30. Farewell blog. I’ll see you tomorrow.