It’s Still Thursday For Me

But what a Thursday it was! I learned a lot at work today about equipment we support that I really didn’t have much experience with. I had a customer tell me this afternoon: “you’re much more knowledgeable than the other techs I’ve talked to. Can I ask for you next time I call?” I’ll take that compliment all day. Even though the other techs and I were all hired at the same time, I come off as WAY more on top of my shit than those other guys do. For whatever reason.

So today was good. I ate my little sandwich like I always do, and worked hard. In the morning, I went to the optometrist to get my eye exam and order new glasses. Fun, right? They did about 4 million tests on me, which amounted to staring into a dark hole and having something bright flashed in my eye over and over again. But I’m going to get more durable frames this time. For sure. My insurance covered about $250 of the cost, and I ate the $325 left over. My eyes are definitely worth it. I kinda need them.

My mood has been consistent, and subsequently good. I’m around 80% mostly because I had to get started so fucking early today to get to the eye doctor on time. I have some song lyrics stuck in my head, as you may have deduced from my first post today. Poignant words from an unexpected source. Tomorrow is Saturday but since I still have to go to work, it’s more like a Friday. I go right from there to storage to change the grit in the tumblers, which has me all excited to see how they handled the first big shape-changing stage. Hopefully there were no power failures or other calamities that would have caused this process to be delayed. And then I should probably go shopping.

I’m doing good, overall. I think that I’m finally getting back into a positive groove with my life. I’m reaching out to others and at least attempting to make my social network bigger. I am not weighing success in dating as progress, but rather, healthy activity that can come and go, considering the attempt at it is the thing that makes me feel better. I’m trying, and I have been proving to myself that I care about this and would like to change how lonely I feel.

Another early start for me tomorrow. But not a whole shift. Just 3 hours of training on a new system we cover. My bosses are going to be in there too. So I’ll check back in tomorrow when I am free.