Things I Did

I worked this morning from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm or so. We were all in for some training in yet another drive thru system we support. Our instructor got a little carried away with making problems for us to figure out that even she didn’t know the answer to. It’s not stuff we are going to run into on the phones, in reality. But learning is always an opportunity, in my mind.

After that was over, I drove out to El Cajon to set the rock tumblers. They have been rounding on the 60/90 aluminum oxide grit and are now on the 120/220 grit. The stones are taking shape already, as the first week usually sizes them up pretty much to where they will be in the end. The next stage will help make the surfaces of the stones smoother, while also shaping them a bit more. By the end, they become glassy and reflective, and reveal a layer of color never before seen. It’s a really neat process, I find. Ant the tumbler who’s motor I replaced is doing super, and powering along like nobody’s business. Everything looked to be in order, and I’ll be back next Saturday to get them started on the 500 grit.

I had a lot of free time this afternoon. I watched the first third of The Return Of The King, as I had seen the other two films last weekend. I was bored though.

In social news, I have a date next weekend! I’m going out for coffee with Amanda, and I have started talking to another woman named Sia. But Sia is cautious about talking to me because I’m mentally ill and divorced. She may or may not be talking to me further. Amanda, on the other hand, has just finalized a date for next Saturday night at 6 at the Starbucks in La Mesa, one of my old haunts. Let me say that again: I have a confirmed date next Saturday! I’m pretty happy about that. We’ve had a good conversation so far, and I’m having fun.

I’m going over to my uncle’s house tomorrow for breakfast and football. He’s been pretty awesome about letting me come over and hang out. I find the games are more fun when you have a buddy to watch them with. I’m bringing over eggs and sausage so we can have a right-proper feast. And then I will come home in the afternoon and do my laundry.

So blog, things are going pretty good for me right now. I have a lot to look forward to. New places and new faces and who knows what will come of it all. I’m cautiously optimistic. But I can’t get down on myself. Look at all the good, nourishing things I am doing to help keep me happy and stable!!

Have a great night you guys. I’m on a roll!