Getting It Right

So I’ve noticed that after the weekend, I tend to fall flat on my face emotionally. I don’t really know why this is, but maybe it has something to do with not looking forward to going back to work for six straight days. Or coming down from the relaxation and family interaction of the recess. I’m thinking it’s just kinda hard to get up and go face my Monday sometimes, knowing that there’s going to be a ton of work there for me to do. I haven’t been able to hang the last two Mondays, I’m really hoping I can buck that trend and stay for my full shift. I’m gearing up so that I’m more than ready for tomorrow. I know things are going to work out fine.

I’m downloading a legit copy of Diablo II from right now, and I’m going to install it momentarily and run the perfect drop mod on it. Then Amanda and I are going to convene for some excellent gaming on the interwebs. She’s going Amazon, for the ranged component, and I will be going Druid (shapeshifting of course). I want to be able to tank Werebear and DPS with Werewolf. Bear tank with hunger is hard to stop.

Update: it’s confirmed, I’m legit and connected to US East for open with the Perfect Drop Mod installed and ready to go. I can hardly wait! This is going to be some fun, I can tell you that right now. But I’m officially a dork: I forgot that I had already registered my Diablo II CD keys years ago. Why is this important? Because I just ordered the game on Amazon yesterday. Doh. So now I have two copies of the game. I have already messaged Amanda to see if I can give her that copy I ordered. Saves her a trip to the store anyway.

My new glasses will be coming in sometime this week, though I know not when. I’m ever eagerly awaiting the call to come pick them up. Maybe by the time I do my eyes will be fried beyond recognition for having had to strain through sunglasses for several days in a row. I hope I don’t lose all the valuable light sensitivity resistance I’ve accumulated from having not worn my sunglasses for a long time before this most recent disaster. Being tinted all the time is a bummer. But I’m a dork and those glasses died horribly, and are now out in the trash.

Today was cool. I went over to my uncle’s house in the morning and had breakfast. He had thought the NFC Championship game was on at 10:00 am, when it was actually on at 12:05 pm. So we had some time to kill before the kickoff. We chatted about football, and made interesting observations from our comfy seats. He has a 65 inch LED in his living room, and it’s like a damn movie theater in there. That screen sucks you in it’s so gargantuan. My uncle is planning to do lots of modifications to the house and make it a deluxe palace of screens and radness. He has an outdoor patio area too that has another TV and seating all around it. It’s a nice place, and there’s a good reason I like going over there. The being around people is the best part though, and having the chance to interact with my aunt and uncle. We extended family members are generally much closer to each other than in most other families, I’m finding.


This week is going to be different than most weeks. I have quite a few things to look forward to, and the lack of those things generally causes me distress. But this week will be different, I can tell already. I’m going to be fine. I made a good CD that I’ve had fun listening to. I have my gaming with Amanda and then two dates on the weekend! What more can a lonely boy ask for?

So what really needs to happen this week is a steady uphill climb towards the next achievable goal: making it to the weekend again (however abbreviated). I did spend a lot of this weekend alone. I did things on my own and spent maybe 2 hours with my uncle, all told. I went shopping, I did my laundry, I took out the trash, and I turned the tumblers over. I also went to work for four hours on Saturday. Definitely eventful. But on a more introspective note: I spent a lot of time with myself too. Just being around the house, or playing a game on my computer. I need to get used to being alone, because I’m not always going to have someone to be with. My parents will only really be here for the shorter part of February, and then they’re off on a cross-country trip to the Florida keys. That will take them a very long ways away. I will need to muster the strength to only count on myself, and find safety and tranquility in that fact. I believe that I can do it, nut it will no doubt challenge me. I believe I am ready.

One final note here: I had engaged several women with emails indicating I’d like to chat with them on Match, but heard back from Amanda first. Another nice lady, Sia asked me on a date and I had to turn her down. I am already walking down the road with someone… I’m not going to lead anyone on. And just ten minutes ago another lady, Erin emailed me asking to start a conversation. Holy crap! When it rains it pours I guess. Another person I will have to turn down is what it amounts to. I have had huge success with Match compared to OkCupid, and a much better pairing as well (Amanda and I have quite a few things in common). I’m not happy to have to tell people “no,” but it’s kinda a good problem to have. Confidence boosting, that’s for sure.

Have a great night blog. My Sunday keeps getting better and better.