Good Tidings

I’m having a great day so far. All last night before bed and all this morning I have been chatting with Amanda. Turns out we have quite a few things in common. Not only that, but we have set-up another date, this one the day after our coffee meetup, in which we plan to go see The Battle Of The Five Armies. Two dates on consecutive days? Nice! Also, during the week we are going to skype together and play Diablo II. She expressed an interest in the game and I told her all about the Perfect Drop Mod, and we’re going to play a few games on open and see where it goes. But we’re both clearly really excited about each other. Not only is she a creative artist, she’s also a pianist, and quite attractive. This is a really good turn of events for me.


I’m quite ecstatic about our interactions so far. We have some really fundamental things in common, which bodes well for future compatibility. She wakes early, and goes to bed before 10, like someone else I know. She has a son and is divorced, but none of that makes a difference to me. I’m great with kids, and I respect that she is still a part of her child’s life despite the divorce from his father. I am taking small steps in getting to know this neat woman more, and wherever it leads, I’m prepared to go. I’m strong and independently stable, and I don’t plan to jeopardize that. I also don’t want to be hopelessly alone any more. I can’t wait to tell Margaret I have not only one date but TWO, and online meetups scheduled for the week. Rad.


Blog, you have been here with me while I rebuilt my life, and now you can see the amazing transformation from decimated and depressed to engaged and active. Now it’s time to take the next step, and see where it takes me.

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