Great, Great, Great!

I met Amanda tonight, and it went really well. Super good, in fact. We connected on several more life-related subjects, and I had her laughing all the way through. And she had me laughing too. There was no topic that was too deep, no area where we dared not go. It started with a hand shake and ended with a big hug. Phenomenal!

She’s totally cute too. And I was genuinely surprised by how attracted I was to her. Her pictures don’t do her justice. Not at all. Blog, I really like this woman. There’s no denying that I have very real feelings for her. Seeing her in person just brought it all back into focus for me. Things are happening.

Maybe this is the beginning of a great new adventure that I will go on. Maybe it will wash out and become nothing. I can’t predict the future. But I can tell you that she makes me feel really good in my heart; she makes me not alone anymore. And I think that understanding is mutual.

I will be sleeping tonight in bliss. Maybe I will dream something exciting. My brain is all energized with positive thoughts. I’m stoked. Wow. Just. Wow.

**UPDATE 9:00 pm**

She wrote me and said that it was “wonderful to meet me.” Blush. And she is looking forward to coffee on Saturday. As am I. I can’t tell you how good all of this is making me feel. I’m on a fucking roll. Boom.