They have taken us all out of the billing queue!!! I never anticipated that this day would come, in fact, I thought I’d be teaching billing to the rest of the team. They, in their infinite mercy, decided to do what I did not think they would ever do. Now, I’m just a DTOC call agent, the actual job I was hired to do. I’m relieved and thankful. Frankly, I’d rather have nothing to do with billing. The calls suck, the kickback is constant, and no one seems willing to do their jobs correctly. Now I can wipe my hands of the sordid affair. A great sigh of satisfaction pervades.

I got up early and went to therapy this morning. It was great to go see Margaret with a basket full of news. I got to tell her all about Amanda, and what a change it has been to be talking to her. I’m really having fun, and being super self aware as I go. I’m not over-investing and I’m not getting my hopes up. Anything could happen still. But the way it looks for now is quite promising. Indeed. So I had lots to talk about, and she really did notice how much more upbeat I was. It was a productive session.

I’m in the middle of my day. Tonight Amanda and I will begin our quest towards glory as we begin scouring the realm of Sanctuary of the evil that now dwells there.