Almost There!

Hello and good morning. It is nearing the end of another week, and boy have I been on a tear. I’ve been doing great at work, fielding calls and making very few mistakes (and correcting them immediately in the event that I do make them). Just to compare, on Tuesday I was in the billing queue until 3:30 pm (as mandated by my boss), and I took 37 calls. Yesterday, with no billing queue, I took 18 calls. Holy. Crap. So yesterday was pretty laid-back, which is not my preference for my job, but I’d much rather have nothing to do than to take billing calls all day long. Now that we six DTOC agents are out of the billing queue, their numbers have dropped off (I suppose because it used to be that we picked up those overflowing calls when there was nothing going on in the drive thru queues, and now we don’t, and they sit on hold accumulating minutes while going unanswered). What I do is mostly about numbers and accountability. At my job, they keep track of every minute you spend while logged into the queue, whether you are in a worktime mode (when you are not eligible to take incoming calls), on a break or available, they monitor everything. So the faster we answer an incoming call, the better our numbers look. They are all graded by percentages. 100% means that no calls were abandoned (someone called, and got disconnected, and no one called them back) and all calls were answered in under 15 seconds. It’s hard to maintain a 100% because the more calls you take, inevitably some get abandoned, and eventually there are more of them coming in than there are agents to answer the calls, so they sit on hold and the longer that happens, the worse our percentage gets. We usually have 8 – 12 people available at any given time to take incoming calls, and most of the time, all of them are on a call already (but it still shows you as available unless you are in a worktime mode or on break). Out averages range between the upper 60s (on a not good day), and 90s. Now compare that to the billing queue, which has an average between 28 – 34 agents available and averages in the 70s pretty much all the time, rarely breaking 80. This just speaks of the problem with billing, in that no matter how many mooks you put in there, that queue still gets overwhelmed, and taking 6 people out of the pool of available agents doesn’t make much sense to me, but it’s what they decided to do, and I’M NOT COMPLAINING.

Enough about work. Emotionally, I’m doing great. Things are advancing down the path of friendship between Amanda and I. She’s really neat, and I’m enjoying the process of getting to know her. I hope we can continue to bond over subjects we share a common interest in. I just put together her playlist and I have only good things to say. It’s not obnoxious crap, it’s more in line with techno but darker and with lyrics. Some of the bass lines remind me of Paul Okenfold’s Tranceport. So it’s been cool to hear what her preferences are. I’m taking every opportunity I can to learn something from her.

Today is most people’s Friday, but for me it’s more like Thursday. I will get through today and be ready for some fun tonight. I’m also just about at the end of my food supply, which I will most likely remedy on Saturday after my shift. I’m in high spirits, and still managing to do good things for myself as often as I can manage. I’m pretty excited about my life again, and I’m glad for that change. Take care today blog.