I’m up WAY past my bedtime, and with good reason. Plans changed rapidly today as towards the end of my shift Amanda and I got to talking. We agreed that instead of meeting for coffee we’d much rather play Diablo II, so she offered to host a LAN party at her apartment. I thought it would be way more fun than me sitting alone at home on Skype so I agreed. I went home after work and gathered up the essential computer components and headed over.

We got into a conversation, and soon Diablo II was nearly forgotten as we shared stories of trauma, past relationships and general philosophies about our perceptions of the world. It was the most refreshing and amazing discussion I’ve had with anyone in a long time. We held nothing back, and told each other the unadulterated truth. I asked her if we could see each other exclusively, and if she would be my girlfriend. She said yes. I reached out and held her hand, and then I sat beside her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. We held each other for a while, and then we kissed. Fireworks.

We talked, drank coffee, and grew closer as the evening was spent. It was unlike anything I have known to be possible. We connected on deep, essential, fundamental points. Passion and synergy captured us, and soon we were together, as one, looking into each other’s eyes and sharing a moment of unity. It was an explosion of understanding, a raging fire of passion, everything I had imagined and more. She was incredible.

We luxuriated in our underthings and talked about our tomorrow, which was rapidly approaching. I knew I had to get home and take my meds, even though I wanted to stay the night there with her. I made the only choice, and we resolved to reconvene in the morning.

Blog, this was most unexpected, but completely welcome. She’s someone who I have grown very fond of, and want to go on a journey with as I understand her better. There are still many things we have yet to learn; the first chapter of our tale has only just begun. I’m not in love. How could I possibly have such a profound emotion at so early a stage? We are resolved to discover each other over the course of our relationship. We have a physical magnetism that cannot be denied, and we held nothing back tonight. We fit together.

I am on the path to discover someone who shares a remarkable number of commonalities with me, although I have learned much, there are many chapters yet to be written. Next week she will be with her son, and I will be in a holding pattern. I respect the irreplaceable bond between mother and child, and in time, I will come to know him too. I’m not going anywhere, and I don’t want anyone but her.

It has been quite a night, and now it is time for me to rest. Until tomorrow blog, be well travelers.