First Light

I’m in a good mood. I woke up this morning to the soft blue glow of the dawn, and was up and ready to go in to time flat. Today I’m not leaving home until much later than I normally do: I have to go by the credit union and create a cashier’s check so that I pay my rent. I always do this a few days before it is due, because that’s just how I roll. Punctual at all times, and preemptive whenever possible.

I have been hanging out in limbo over two very prominent mods: Ultimate Apocalypse and Edain, both of which were expected to be released between now and the end of March. I am unsure which mod will be our first, as Edain looks closer to releasing the four faction demo than UA. So I’m checking the sites regularly and the only news I have so far is that the UA team had some problems with donations, and were working on getting them fixed. Not really any news about a release date or any such event.

It’s Tuesday. I work straight through until Saturday, where I have another 7:30 to 4:00 pm shift. My parents will be in town at that time, so I may just cruise on over to the RV park in La Mesa and see them after my shift. I can pick up Moo and together we can go see the rocks, which were delayed in yet another technical snafu. One of the tumblers shut off and was not rolling for the entire week. The slurry never formed because they weren’t rotating because of a power failure to tumbler 1. Tumbler 2 was done though, and I switched it over to the 500 grit. So now we are a bit out of sync, and I am making daily trips down there to make sure they are behaving normally.

For now, adieu. Amanda’s son Tristan is sickies today, so have him and his wellbeing in your thoughts.

**UPDATE 8:35 am**

I just checked the tumblers, and they are both still going. No stoppages of rotation as far as I can tell.

I’m waiting for the bank to open at 9 so I can make my rent check. I have a bit of time to kill.

Today is going to be a good day. Last night sucked when Jason just decided to not take any incoming calls for the length of the final hour. So it was all on me. He’s a very skilled tech, but that was a lame thing to do to me. I was pretty pissed when I left there. I don’t care what kind of personal problem he might be having, don’t abandon your teammates.

**UPDATE 1:00 pm**

I got my new glasses today!!! I can see again! And it’s like having high definition vision. I had been used to everything in the background being out of focus, and now I can see with laser accuracy. I mean, laser. I feel great, and I fucking love my new glasses.

**UPDATE 3:30 pm**

It’s rad to be able to see again. I feel great. I had myself a big coffee and I am still tired. I guess the double shot is not going to do the trick anymore. My friend Will is going to call me tonight after I get home. I’m going to tell him all about the stuff I have been doing. He’s moving back to Portland in the coming days, and giving it yet another try with his (now) girlfriend Sandra. They have broken up several times and I sure hope this is a healthy thing for him to be doing. Though I would have no clue considering I know little about their relationship.

Anyway. The final quarter of my day is here. Time to make a mad dash for the finish line. See you tonight.