Meeting and playing with Tristan was a huge step forward for me. I care about Amanda, and I really want to get to know her son. He and I clicked over his toys, which loosely resembled Lego people. I think one of them may have been. But they were Minecraft themed. Anyway, forks and spoons were also involved in the games. I had fun with him, I hope one day of many to come. I like them both very much.

I hope I’m guiding my life in a productive direction. I told my parents the other night that I was just trying to make the most I had with my available resources, and to try my hardest to impress myself. I figure that’s a good way to get ahead.

Today is a sleepy day. I am quite exhausted, it turns out. I actually napped for a couple of hours, which is so very strange for me to do. I’m going to prepare a light lunch and that should have me back on track. I would have been very hard-pressed to turn in any good effort today at work if I had gone.

I’m downloading some music. Turns out I was missing an entire Jethro Tull album from my collection (The Broadsword and the Beast). So I’m trying to grab a copy of it. But it has like 1 seed. So it may take me a while. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my little Acer EE PC power cord do I can turn it into a Diablo II machine for when I go over to Amanda’s house. That will be fun. I already downloaded the game clients to my thumb drive for install. Radness. So many things are coming together. I did my shopping and am now officially restocked on the 3 things I eat normally. And I did my dishes again.

On a rest day like this one, I can feel a little lost. I think it might just be my neurochemistry being a bit off, as sometimes happens to me on a Monday after an abbreviated weekend. I really will be glad to get two days off in a row this week. I’m going to introduce Amanda to my mom at least as they look at the new stones together (two barrels will be done on Saturday).

I think I’m going to have another coffee and relax.

**UPDATE 8:00 pm**

I spent the evening with Amanda, and we had fun. We watched the first half hour of The Battle of the Five Armies, just to the point where the dwarves seal up the entrance to Erebor just as the survivors from Laketown enter Dale. Amanda guessed (correctly) that Bilbo had the Arkenstone the whole time, even though they never actually show him picking it up until a flashback during this movie. But just like in the book, he pockets the Arkenstone because in his heart he believes Smaug was right – it would only drive Thorin insane to have it. My favorite part is still when Bard nails Smaug with that black arrow. Eat that dragon!

We played some Diablo II and got a couple of waypoints in act 2. We completed Atma’s quest and got a new skill. I leveled twice. I’m now a 22. We decided to wait until tomorrow night to do the maggot lair. It’s 3 levels deep with no waypoints and is a long and brutal affair. But we need the staff of kings, so here we go.

I’m home now about ready to shut it down. I have had a good day, not productive, albeit. But I’m ready to tackle tomorrow head on.