Sucking it up with a Smile

One of the many challenges presented to us that we must find the strength to overcome.

Lord knows I have been to hell and back but I always manage to wake up every morning and go into a work with a smile on my face.  Co-workers always ask how am I doing and I always respond “good” or “fine”.  It’s amazing how we all become actors and actresses at work, but in a way we need to do this in order to keep our professionalism.  I always wondered though, how it would be if we were all honest about how we are doing.  If I said “yeah I’m just Fu#$ing peachy, and now I’m here because I need to survive and pay my bills”.

I just find it interesting how we all need to maintain a fake persona at work.  I guess in a way it’s crucial in order to get the job done and maintain a positive enviroment.

Any ways my stage awaits, off to…

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