Bring Me A Hammer!

I’ve had a day of many mixed interactions. Mainly, I was given some helpful advice about how to correct mistakes that other employees make, as my way of doing things will surely alienate me from the idiots. Today I took a call from a customer who had done some troubleshooting regarding a drive thru timer, but when I loaded the account, there were no notes, as no service request had been created to document the interaction. I looked to see who it was that had accessed the account and failed to leave an SR, and I’ll give you one guess who it was. If you guessed Dom, you win. Again this fucking loser is failing to do even the most basic work involved in this job. So I called him out to my supervisors, and told the what I had observed, and Dom’s response was to argue with me about how he didn’t have to do his job correctly because of some bullshit logic that if he only does a little troubleshooting, he doesn’t have to create an SR. This is completely untrue, and (admittedly) infuriated my boss. I replied to that email, but I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have. Dom went back to my bosses and expressed his feeling “thrown under the bus,” which was accurate, because I was hoping the bus would run him over and kill him. Instead, he feels betrayed. But I don’t like Dom, I never talk to him, and I don’t care one lick what he thinks about me. He can take his anger and shove it up his ass. I’m out here doing my job, and doing it well, and he’s going to get pissed that I pointed out how he doesn’t do his? That’s not a reason for me to get worked up. Dom can hate me all day long; his opinions are irrelevant.

My bosses handed me a special project yesterday, and today I finished it. Much to their surprise, I assume. They were all quick to thank me for hammering out that assignment, as it was fairly important that I do that task quickly, and correctly, so our company can get paid. So that list is now done. Right on. What’s next fellas?

I went through Kana and did a couple more tickets, but we got caught up in there too, down to just one page of issues and nearly every one of them being worked on by an agent. I’m still working on two, but I should have them resolved in the next day or so. Blog, I am not even at full throttle right now… and I’m kicking ass and taking names. Boom.

My mood has been great. I’ve had some really fantastic ongoing conversations with Amanda. I’m even going over there tonight for a bit to spend some time with her. A fitting reward for a busy, productive kinda day. I go see Dr. Judge tomorrow morning at 8:30, and I will have lots of good things to report. I have been on an upward trend, balancing the many aspects of my life. I can honestly say that I am improving in several areas, both socially and mentally. Things are headed in the right direction guys.

I’m still at work for another 30 minutes, then in a traffic snarl a the way to Amanda’s house. I’m spending the night over there on Saturday, which I’m looking forward to. Fun things in store. For sure.

**UPDATE 9:00 pm**

I just got back from Amanda’s apartment. We had yet another wonderful conversation about things that happened in the past, friends we knew mutually, memories and relationships that failed. I told her about my many bizarre sexual encounters and fails. Our pasts are similar in plight because we both thought little of ourselves, and did deplorable things in the desperate search for recognition. Acknowledgement is hard to come by, but we really do see each other. Very well. It warms my heart to be with her. So I’m going to bed with many good thoughts in my brain. I hope you have a good night blog. Be well.