Breathing Through Leaves

Her provocative smile–
The dandelion whisper of words,
Touching checks gracefully,
Rendering their feathered kisses,
Coasting on air filled with reasons.

The bloom of a flower,
Sing of honey lips,
A splash of cool rainwater,
Deep and empowered by eyes,
Fresh fragrances beguile,
The dry softness of her hair.
Tapped deep in the earth,
Her ground is truth.

All about are the footprints of thought,
Ever-reaching for fragments,
Bound to the chase in learning,
Down like a west sun over the sea,
Eternal as the fire at midnight,
Her mysteries unfolding–
Patiently the petals extend,
Gather up the promise of tomorrow.

Let it be pure–
The fresh sod of understanding,
Take hold and drink.
A time has come for the day.

2 thoughts on “Breathing Through Leaves

    • Thank you very much. I tend to try to find a different way to describe what feeling I hope to convey, the more thought-provoking the better. Comment appreciated.

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