Score: +2.5

I’m pretty slow today. I’m at work, from 6 am until 3 pm. I have slammed the caffeinated beverages to stay ahead of the drowsiness, but as the end of the day approaches, I can feel the effects wearing off. My spirits age good though. I have had a relatively busy day at work, I’m at 27 right now as I write this, and I’m sure to pick up a few more as the last hour of my shift approaches. I have booked a lot of tech dispatches today, which I find is the norm in the weekends, because there are only three guys handling incoming calls. Our numbers today are pathetic. We have terrible customer service on Sunday. And they couldn’t even pay the third guy for the whole day. Stupid. I guess they must not care that it takes us 15 minutes to get the the next call, because only two guys can’t handle any volume of calls whatsoever.

I’m concerned about my future at Mood. If they are scaling back overtime hours, will they also be scaling back the number of employees? Sometimes it seems like we just have way too many people, while at other times we are slammed and everyone is busy doing something. I am trying to distinguish myself as someone they would never consider firing, even if they were forced to cut back. I’m taking on as much new responsibility as I can manage, without jeopardizing my health.

But life in general is going really good. I’m happy, occupied, curious and optimistic about things. I’m spending the whole day with Amanda tomorrow and I am really looking forward to that. I’m cooking dinner for us. Bbq chicken, green salad. Yorf.

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