Score: +2.5

Slow is an appropriate adjective for my today. Reaction times were dulled and my focus was smeared like steamy glass. I had to retrace my footsteps on several occasions to correct an error I had realized I made after the order was already in. But I truly handled my responsibilities well. I dispatched techs, booked orders and made outgoing calls all day long. I was forced to surrender around 4 or so because our ticketing system crashed and I had no access to update my work. I read about the wow signal on Wikipedia as it poses some interesting questions about life in the known universe. I personally think the transmission came from something moving through that area of space (a ship), not from a celestial body. And I don’t think it inrended to blast us with that signal either. 

Amanda had a rough day. She may have kidney stones and the doctor at urgent care didn’t help her at all. He disregarded her requests for painkillers and gave her nothing to treat the symptoms with. She will now have to go bother her general practitioner for help tomorrow, which will hopefully result in action. She’s in pain, and today’s catastrophe at urgent care reopened trauma from her marriage. The doctor basically didn’t believe her, or treated her with very little regard, and that reminded her of how her ex used to treat her. I brought her dinner and tried my best to help her see a way through the muck. 

If I had scored today this afternoon around 2, I might have had it at +3.5, but the listless afternoon and extracurricular heroics put an end to the excess energy. As I write you from underneath my covers, I realize that my slow start inhibited my energy arc. It will be better tomorrow. 

Goodnight. It’s nearing the end of the week. Just hang on. We’re almost there. 

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