Score: +2

It was a off center day. I think my morning meds really messed me up. I was in that drowsy way I get sometimes when I take them. And I called in and went back to sleep for three hours. 

I’m spending the night with Amanda tonight. I really like being here, and feeling bonded in a little unit. We still have a long way to go before I build up enough credabilty, but it’s time I intend to commit. 

I’ve just been so tired today. I feel like perhaps occasional marijuana use is not a good idea. I am sometimes thrown off balance by it on days where I go long stretches without using it. But if I do it regularly, I seem to have no problem. Something to consider. I don’t actually have the ability to use it regularly, as my apartment is a drug free zone because of the nature of my living arrangement. 

Have a happy Friday. I work tomorrow.