Busiest Saturday Evar

Score: +3

It was non stop at work today. I set my all time high record with 39 calls, and it was grueling. I was so tired. I had fun with Amanda last night and early this morning, but it left me in a bad way come the beginning of my shift. I had two huge coffees and many other stimulants to get myself out of the murk, and I was only partially sucessful. The morning was tough, and it never let up, even down to my last 20 seconds, my phone rang. I was there late, and I cut my breaks short to try and stay after it. The calls were just piling up in the queues at times. Very stressful. 

But in the end, I got through another day. And I came home and helped one of the people who I live around move a couch into a garage. And then I proceeded to play a few hours of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. 

After trying to manage the single player campaign several times, and failing, I have at last expressed total dominance. I have a satellite in every member country except Argentina. I have everything bought in the officer training school except the ability that promotes rookies to squaddies right away (which I view as useless, as my squad members never die). I have two assault and one support all with plasma rifles, two snipers with laser rifles and a heavy with a laser minigun. If there’s one place I’m dangerously weak it’s in the hanger, where I have two interceptors per country (one avalanche missile and one laser cannon). If a big UFO came along I probably wouldn’t be able to stop it from destroying my satellites. But only Mexico has any panic, and they’re at 3/5. I have invaded the alien base and researched the homing beacon to further advance the plot. But I’m in total control. I run missions with 14 kills and no serious injuries to my squad (nothing a medkit can’t fix, anyway). I make nearly 2000 a month in credits, and hopefully I get enough UFO landing or crash missions to get enough parts to make more advanced aircraft. I will soon have all my squads in titan armor with plasma primaries and sidearms. My sniper has more than 30 kills. He’s hard to stop. And he doesn’t miss often. So I’ve been finally kicking ass at this game. And there’s still an expansion to go through as well. 

I’m pretty tired. Think I’ll go to bed now.