Over The Edge

Score: +3.5

Tonight I was going over to Amanda’s apartment to cook dinner. I brought our little canabis bag along as well. We decided to start things off with a quick toke which proved to be a mistake. I brought out a medium sized bong and gave her WAY too big a hit, and sent her spinning out of control. As the local expert on being disasterously too high, I knew right away what was going on. It’s a thing that must be endured, because nothing makes the THC metabolize any faster. To the best of my knowledge. Anyway, I’m here with her now, and she’s sleeping on the bathroom floor near a toilet. The night I did this very thing to myself, about 16 years ago, my friend Ben snuck over and got me way too stoned. Then I was spinning, literally, rotating around out of control. I rapidly vomited everything possible for nearly an hour, with my parents wondering what the hell had happened to me.  When they left I was perfectly sober, normal and healthy. The rotating began to stop, after a time. It faded away. And then I was back to normal. The same is true tonight. It’s a bummer, and it’s my fault. I gave her that huge hit. I realize now that a much smaller hit would not have ended this evening. I’m going to hang here until this blows over. However long it takes, because I love her, and I will not abandon her (like she asked me to during the worst of it) in a time of need. 

I’ll keep you posted. Who knows?

**UPDATE 9:45 pm**

She crashed into bed and went off to dreamland. But after only a brief nap she was markedly cogent and able to give me final directions before she went off to bed. I made sure she was tucked in and cozy. I myself have to get to sleep. I feel bad about how I was responsible for making tonight what it was. But it also gave me an opportunity to stand by Amanda and show her that she is loved. Even though I can’t make the symptoms go away, I can remind her that help is not far away.