Score: +4

I had an appointment with Dr. Judge today, and it went really well. We discussed my transition over to my new psychiatrist, and we reveled in my ongoing stability. Things have been pretty nominal in the last several months. My new life direction has brought me plenty of happiness. 

Work has been good. I’m more-or-less falling in line and just concentrating on doing my job. I get handed extra responsibilities all the time, and that keeps me somewhat occupied. I do get bored though, and when I do, some bad shit starts to go down. I get nervous, and negative things start popping into the forefront of my mind. I spin and spin with anxiety. My doctor (this morning) said I aught to try and talk through it in therapy with Margaret. I agreed, and I will on Wednesday. Yes, something I will need to discuss. 

I spent my evening with Amanda, who just likes to be called Amanda. She’s a new fan of carnitas, and I’m a happy camper. I have a great friend, who I trust and respect. We are building familiarity, and these steps are many and over a long road. I’m glad to be getting to know her better, because I find her interesting. I have love in my heart again and it feels good. 

I found a bug in the Edain mod last night. On the map Mountains of Angmar, there are supposed to be three snow trolls guarding the east and west outposts… trouble is, the models for the snow trolls are part of the Angmar faction, which has yet to be introduced to the game. They should arrive sometime soon in a patch. But the mod team was quick to make changes, and released a 4.01 patch. Now the snow trolls are back, verified by me today. Though I’ve had no more wins. I played as Arnor on the now bug free Mountains of Angmar map and died to Isengard. Then I moved down and picked a new map and started using Isengard. The faction is neat, they seemed a little more early game less late game to me. It all really depends on how fast you can get to forged blades. Those Uruks are fun though. I didn’t mind the no walls, in fact, I rather liked it. I played as Isengard vs Mordor and lost. I played Isengard against Gondor and lost again. My build order is no good, apparently.

Have a good night.