Gondor vs Rohan

Map: Brandywine

Things were not off to a great start, as I was forced to defend my fortress camp from attackers. I was temporarily unable to expand my control by capturing additional settlements. But after that first wave, I dispersed my units effectively to try and capture enough new ground to stay viable. And after not too long, I had constructed two outposts and had a dominating upper hand on map control. I did all of this with no cavalry to speak of. I did unleash a god power which gave me some, but that was towards the end. It was a solid, steady ascent to victory. 

Players (Gametime 32 minutes 30 seconds)

Gondor – Egregious

Rohan – Medium

Units Created

Gondor: 524

Rohan: 1135

Units Killed

Gondor: 1219

Rohan: 470

Units Lost

Gondor: 432

Rohan: 1228

Kill to Death Ratio

Gondor: 2.82

Rohan: 0.38

Income Rate Per Minute

Gondor: 1655.06

Rohan: 1306.22

Resources Gathered

Gondor: 52962

Rohan: 41799

I’m not sure yet if I have a decent build order. I know that I’m able to field a decent sized army and that seems to get me farther than in previous games. My income rate hasn’t dipped below the 1500 per minute mark in all my wins. So things look good. I just hope I can be more efficient in getting troops in play and not running low on them as I have in the past.