Mordor vs Gondor

Map: East Rohan

Players (Gametime 28 minutes 15 seconds)

Mordor: Egregious

Gondor: Medium

Units Created

Mordor: 1389

Gondor: 648

Units Lost

Mordor: 1115

Gondor: 688

Units Killed

Mordor: 590

Gondor: 885

Unit Kill / Unit Death Ratio

Mordor: 0.53

Gondor: 1.29

Income Rate Per Minute

Mordor: 1141.04

Gondor: 1197.57

Total Resources

Mordor: 31949

Gondor: 33560

As you can see, this was a war of sheer numbers. I simply had far too many units for my opponent to survive. I sprinkled in attack trolls and orc archers for balance, but easily 85% of my units were orc warriors. I had a base littered with towers, and I was able to defend most perimeter attacks on my settlements. I lost a couple slaughterhouses to raids but eventually thwarted the offensive and pushed the battle line back across the river. I destroyed the AI’s nearest farm to the river and that seemed to finally tip the scales. I had armored mountain trolls with weapons and they (3 of them) gutted the fortress and annihilated buildings swiftly. It became lopsided, but the AI had the economic lead for most of the game. The graph shows my line well below its line, with mine sharply turning up right near the end. It was a great fight, and I really do understand how to use Mordor now. Solid.