Score: +3

I knew I had some shit to do today, and it all pretty much got done. The morning began with a router install here at my apartment. We had been using my old D-Link that I bought a few years ago, but it’s dependability had come into question after several outages and slow connection speeds. So I had the landlord compensate me to go out and buy a decent one and set it up. The Asus router I bought is dual-band, and my wireless adapter connects on the 5 gigahertz signal with 144.5 MiB/s speed. It’s a dramatic improvement. Now I should be able to game without connection issues, and not have to surrender my internet when others are using the network. 

As that was happening, I did my one load of laundry, which included my sheets. I also spun my mattress around. I had been favoring one particular area for sleeping and that had been true for several months in a row. So I turned the mattress so that now the area I was using can get some time off from being slept on every night. I folded my clothes and hung my shirts. From there, I went to the storage unit and started another four loads in the rock tumblers. We purchased the new improved tumbling barrels which have been molded to have little speed bumps inside the barrel to crate more tumbling action for any stones in the chamber. Genius, in my opinion. I hung out at my parents for a bit then cruised over to Amanda’s place. Once there, we decided on a plan to go to the pharmacy to pick up her meds, then go to target. The pharmacy was closed, however, so we just went to the store and bought what we needed and grabbed some Mexican food for lunch. We farted around the apartment until about 4:45 and then we went over to Amanda’s sister’s house for dinner. Tristan basically lost his mind over there with Melissa and Brian’s son Elliot, who is a very polite boy. Tristan ran circles around him and destroyed everything in his path. He had been in the apartment for two days straight, some energy had been building up (needless to say). After dinner, we attempted to have him burn off the rest of that energy at the playground, but it’s raining today, so we opted for the McDonald’s indoor activity area. But that turned out to be a dud. Lots of stairs, one slide, that’s about it. So it didn’t last long. 

I have a new shift. Starting Monday, I clock in at 5:30 am. My whole schedule is about to change dramatically. Tomorrow I work a 6:00 am shift until 3:00 pm. I need to call Margaret and tell her that we have to change our appointment time. I’m going to be brewing coffee at my desk, and not walking in late as the day is already underway. I will get to have my afternoons off and be able to do whatever I want before my bedtime. Originally, Mike had asked me to be on that evening schedule because I was his pet project, but since his promotion to Manager, he has a new schedule too. So I’m tired of these prolonged mornings where I’m anxious and wanting to get into work but have a few hours to kill. I dislike that arrangement. 

So things will be different for me. All good changes so far. I’m pretty tired and my start is early. Goodnight.