Isengard vs Rohan

It took me a dozen tries, but I finally got past the Hard AI on Cair Andros. It was dominating me in 14 – 19 minutes. This game went 29 minutes. 

I have been trying to get past the Hard AI on Ettenmoors and failing miserably. It was consistently overpowering me at about the fifteen minute mark with sheer numbers of infantry and later mixing in siege. I was not able to expand sufficiently to support much economy, so I lost the unit production game. I was having difficulty growing because of the barrow wright creeps in the corners of the map. But I got archers up there and finished those guys off. Then I took the outpost and built a steelworks on it and made my units me lee attack more powerful. Near the end it was several level five berserkers with the forged blades tearing down buildings. They’re just so good. I gained control of both outposts mid way through, and by then I was hammering. Good game. Just had to be aggressive. Lots of pikes against Rohan and you’ll do fine. I started wining the middle once the forged blades were available. And my economy was roaring by then. 

Map: Cair Andros

Gametime: 29:21


Isengard: Egregious

Rohan: Hard


Isengard: 644

Rohan: 838

Units Lost

Isengard: 424

Rohan: 874

Unit Kill / Death Ratio

Isengard: 1.84

Rohan: 0.46

Units Killed

Isengard: 781

Rohan: 407

Maximum Income Rate Per Minute

Isengard: 1926.59

Rohan: 1076.10

Resources Gathered

Isengard: 55871

Rohan: 31207

I totally owned the middle and had a steelworks on the outpost. I just kept sending those lovable Uruk-hai. Eventually they all got forged blades, and then it was over. Wilen axethrowers are cheap and quite effective at tearing down buildings while giving you resources. I had scores of them by the end. Pillage. 

Anyway, great game.