Another Day

Score: +3.5

I have been really enjoying the change is my schedule. My days seem longer and more vibrant. I don’t spend time just sleeping well after I’ve had enough rest. I get up early, and start doing things. My shift begins at 5:30 am. 

I have been staying strong and consistent lately. I have spent a great deal of my time with Amanda, who I am in love with. She and I are starting to figure each other out. We are a lot funnier now than we used to be. I am helping her as much as I can to ease her burden, but she still has to carry a lot of it herself. I admire the way she tries. 

My mental health has been good. It’s spring, and that’s usually when things fall apart for me. But I’m not currently demonstrating any negative patterns, not shrinking, but growing. Things are looking up in a way they haven’t for a long time. I’m feeling great about who I am and what kind of example I set. 

I have been getting back into weed, but I can tell you that it is great. I have had more energy, drive, curiosity and charisma as side effects. I find doing the dishes while stoned is among the finer joys in life. Just to work each item until thoroughly cleaned, until none remain. I’m not as good at real time strategy while on it though. I seem to be unable to appropriately manage multi-fronted battlefields. 

Work has been much the same. Things are happening all around me through the day, and I’m still very proactive about addressing help tickets with whatever time I have while not on a call. But things there have been moving along nicely. I’m needed. 

Have a lovely night and happy Monday to you.