Score: +3.5

Mornings have been hard. I desperately cling to the thought of sleeping on for hours more, but inevitably drive myself out of eternal bliss and into unending anguish. I exaggerate. But it is still hard to tear the covers off the first time and get out there. 

Work has been dull because now no one can be on the Internet or using their phones unless during designated break times. Which is only really a problem when periods of time elapse between activities. I scour the ticketing systems for things to do. I stare wildly into the queue and wait to see when the next call will come in, and who will get it. Sometimes I know I’m the next one. I just sit and wait for my phone to ring, anxiously. I do have a good personality on the phone though, even if I do get nervous about it. I sometimes say the wrong thing or screw up the very fundamentals of language, but I survive it and manage to solve their problem all the while. People generally enjoy my tech support, and I rarely get yelled at anymore since we got out of handling billing issues. Tech support is much more rewarding. Problems and solutions, every time. 

I’m spending most of my afternoons and evenings with Amanda. This is our week with each other, and we’ve been making good use of it so far. I’m really happy to be with her. She’s special to me, and I am enjoying getting to know her. The more I find out, the more ensnared I become. She has captured my interest and given me loyalty, trust and respect as rewards. I am finding her to be a great friend, and that’s really all I could ask for. 

Farther on down the road, things will change and the odd configuration of our lives will shift. I find myself thinking about where I live, and what things might happen to the world around me. That new movie San Andreas looks like a plot disaster but a special-effects extravaganza. But it will happen. It’s only a question as to when. 

Anyway, goodnight.