Knee Deep

Score: +3.5

Nothing great happens on Tuesdays in my world. It’s the day before hump day, and that’s all it really has going for it. I try to occupy myself at work with any and all incoming issues, but even that can run dry towards the middle of my shift. I scrounge for things to do sometimes.

Today marked the conclusion of the order entry contest/game that my office had been running. Out of 16 players, my time was fourth fastest, and completely error free. The top 8 advance to the next round of competition, which is darts. I know, how the fuck are those two contests remotely connected? I don’t know. I’m just happy to be advancing. Who knows what’s in store after darts. Pin the tail on the donkey?

I wish I could fast forward a month and just be on the brink of getting myself moved out. There are just a few logical hurdles to clear before I’m done. And work, lifting, packing, unpacking, taking out garbage, the fucking works. It’s not going to be a big move, but one that I’d like to get past. Living with Amanda is going to make life blissfully good. I will commute less, get comfy faster, and luxuriate in my long evening unlike ever before. I can hardly wait. 

Change is coming. Soon. For now, I’m tired and could use some rest. Thanks for stopping by. 

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