The Show And Aftermath

Score: +2.5

Yesterday was Amanda’s first art show. It was called RAW Artists: Sensory and was held at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego. We were required to be there four hours before the show began (at 2 pm), and we weren’t done until after 10 pm. All in all, it was a huge opportunity for Amanda to get some attention. Several talent scouts took her business card and several others deeply considered purchasing canvasses. But we made $200 on prints and that’s pretty good. A lot of family and friends turned out for the show and offered their support. It was a great, if not taxing experience. 

Today we paid the price. I called in, after realizing I was only going to get 3 hours of sleep before my shift. I could not imagine being able to function under those circumstances. My mentally ill brain would be in disarray from fatigue and who knows what that could have led to. So I took the safe option. Amanda and I spent the day together, did some errands, and cat napped in the living room. 

This is my last month in Spring Valley. Im both excited and also somewhat concerned about the things yet to be done. I guess this is my anxiety. Change, even for the better, is still stressful. 

Amanda and I have been doing great. She’s striving and pushing through the pain. I truly admire her for her continued bravery and strength. She has also been increasingly affectionate with me lately, which I also really enjoy. Our relationship feels like it is clicking into a harmonious state. She’s been responsive to my needs and attentive to my requests. We have excellent communication abilities. I love her very much, and I’d do just about anything for that girl. 

My weekend is just getting started. Toodles.