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My work environment is changing; things are being hammered into reasonable order finally. It’s not social hour anymore, it’s the summer busy season, and a new level of observation is being implemented company-wide. Personally, I have no objection. I’m a hard worker already and don’t need to be molded into something useful. 

Amanda and I celebrated this afternoon. I found out I lost 10 pounds since my last weigh in a couple of months ago. Which is the byproduct of living a secondary life and controlling weight through intake. I hardly eat at all anymore, and usually waiting until around 5 pm to eat for the day. I get hungry sometimes, but that’s the way it is. If you don’t want to exercise and still lose weight, take in fewer calories than your body will need to function, and stored fuel will be used to balance everything out. I have a goal: to get below 200 lbs, and I hope to make that goal by the end of the year, and finally complete my Lone Bull Project. 

We moved therapy back to once a month, because frequency becomes relevant at a time of need. Currently, things are going fantastically well. I have no complaints about the quality of my life. Amanda and I have a great relationship, and she has helped me on multiple occasions while on my mental health journey. She has been a positive influence on me. 

I’m tired. I get up really early (4:30 am) and my body just wants to surrender to sleep. One more day to go. 

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