Scrutiny And Insurrection

Score: +2.5

Isn’t that first Monday after a one day weekend just a killer? Barely enough time to catch my breath, then right back after it. I think the most appropriate single word description for my current state would be,  “exasperated.”

Things are being hammered into place at my job. Now everyone’s calls are monitored and graded by quality assurance. I welcome this change, and have already demonstrated compliance. My first set of three graded calls were emailed to me today, and I was given 15 positive notes and 3 negative ones, and only for not confirming the customers address on those calls. The VAST majority of my coworkers are bucking the reins of this newly imposed scrutiny. They were happier when it was comedy hour, and everyone got to shoot the shit and laugh all day. Those times are gone, replaced by a steady stream of incoming issues, often far more than we can handle. Our numbers are pathetic, averaging an F grade with occasional days in the D and C ranges. Customers abandon their calls because they go insane waiting for someone to answer the phone. Agents partition themselves off for huge chunks of time, intentionally excluding themselves from taking incoming calls. They use the spare time to gossip and poke fun at each other. Again, these sorts of insubordinate actions are being closely monitored, and while these guys think they are getting away with it, they aren’t. Every second they spend not taking a call will be accounted for. One way or another. I, on the other hand, only average 4% more than the target percentage for how much time is spent not on a call. I think they want us all to be at 25%, and right now I’m on 29%, while most of my peers are far far away from my number, in the wrong direction. Accountability has become the sheriff of our lawless town, and I welcome it. My numbers are stellar, and my call quality is top notch. I have the utmost confidence in my abilities in this regard. 

On the Homefront, it’s the final week before my move, and I’m getting excited. Some things still need to happen, but it’s getting close. Amanda is struggling right now. She’s decided to go on disability, or at least try, because the path she is on right now is not helping her get healthy and happy. She needs time away from that job she hates, to recalibrate and redirect herself. I know change isn’t instant, and the journey will be arduous, but utterly critical to her long term preservation. 

I’m looking forward to the next thing that happens that will change our lives, whatever it may be. The future is as uncertain as anything we attempt to comprehend. Have a great night.