Score: -3

Today was largely awful. I got made fun of and yelled at by a co worker and felt severely depressed all day. I thought it might be ok this morning but that evaporated into unquenchable sadness. My depression is rapidly becoming worse, and I am taking evasive action. 

I don’t really have the words to go into the various things which have pushed me down today. I’m not in trouble at work, quite the contrary. The idiot who felt like it was his place to scold me today was reprimanded and given direction to not talk to me anymore. I had a pretty revealing chat with my two supervisors today, and they really treated me like a peer. So that was good. 

But I still feel acutely bad. I cried several times once I got home, and sat in the hot shower twice trying to get my mind off the sadness. I just have to hope that tomorrow is a better day. If it is not, I am considering going to the mental hospital and admiring myself. 

I am going to talk to my psychiatrist tomorrow and hopefully there is something we can do to get me straightened out. 

6 thoughts on “Worse

  1. Hugs and hope for a better days ahead. I understand the struggle and it can be hard to fight thru most days.

    • I had to leave work early. Just ran out of steam. I go to see my doctor today. Hopefully we can remedy the imbalance and get me back on track.

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