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Back when I was in college, I thought I wanted to be an english professor. I committed my studies along that road, specializing in the bible as literature (there’s a lot more to be said about that, but in another post perhaps). But I never finished college. I became severely depressed and dropped out before earning my degree. I entered the workforce and haven’t looked back since. 

One thing I have always been passionate about is science. I don’t pretend to be any sort of expert, but I do know a few things in several different fields. This is how I am though. I don’t have the mathematical part figured out, but concepts and vocabulary I am proficient in. 

I just had a good talk with my friend Will and I was discussing with him the upcoming El Niño event that will be changing the climate in my part of the world for the next several months. We wandered from that topic to geology where I also have a dangerously useful amount of knowledge. He gave me a really neat compliment, insisting that I should go into the field professionally because he was having such a good time listening to what I was saying. But like I said, I don’t have the whole package. But the part of me that still wants to be a teacher is always a part of who I am. I have been told many times that I have a way of explaining things that is very welcoming. I can cover advanced topics and have my points easily understood or conceptualized. This has paid dividends at work, where much of my day is spent trying to explain things to people clearly and simply. I have never had a call where I couldn’t get someone through the troubleshooting. I never have people hang up in frustration, and if I can’t get it working right then and there, I will send someone out who can. 
So Will’s compliment was very nice. I really do like explaining things to people in a way that is not overwhelming or patronizing.  Just ask Sassafras (I had some astronomy factoids to share on her recent Pluto post). Don’t even get me started on the solar system. 

I’m having a good night. Tomorrow’s plans are largely dependent on what the boy is feeling up to. Today we did not do much. I got my laundry done and we went shopping. I put a round top roast in the crock pot today and we will probably be eating it tomorrow night. It’s on low and stewing in beef broth, diced veggies and various seasonings. 

My mood has been pretty stable. I have been taking the increased Lithium for more than a week and I’m feeling nominal. But I’m tired. I didn’t sleep well last night. Here’s hoping for a deviation in that pattern. 

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  1. You remind me of my Grampa. He was a brilliant and inventive man, and could talk to anyone about anything and not make them feel incompetent about whatever subject being discussed. Maybe one day you’ll get that degree and be the teacher that’s deep down in there. Thanks for the ping-back! I like astronomy, so I follow iss, nasa, astronaut Kelley and nasagoddard on Instagram. Space is so freaking cool!

    • Yeah maybe one day I’ll go back and get my english degree, but I don’t think I’ll ever get a natural sciences diploma. I’m mathtarded.

      Thank you for your words. I really do love talking about science. Space is especially cool. There so much we don’t know, but what drive me is that we keep trying to figure it out. The fuel of understanding is curiosity.

      • You know I can do college accounting but I can NOT grasp geometry. Not one bit. Took it 3 times in hs-failed it every time lol. Space is so awesome. It’s full of unlimited possibilities! And you’re welcome :)

      • Haha, sounds like we have a few things in common. I enjoy astronomy because we are still just learning about the things we observe. We are growing our understanding at an exponential rate. 100 years ago, scientists couldn’t have even imagined the things we are learning about now.

      • That is so true! But there is a drawback to the rate at which we learn-some people become(or stay) ignorant about what they can’t “see”, or they become too greedy in wanting more to the detriment of society and the earth. But I’m sure that will keep happening. Did you watch the “Cosmos” series last spring/summer??

      • True. But we shouldn’t be living expecting others to be curious. I am only concerned with what fascinates me; everyone else’s interests I am usually flummoxed by. I can’t say I’ve had many good conversations about science with others. But I’m not in this for them. I’m happy to explain, but I find hardly anyone wants to listen. Which makes meeting you doubly special. :)

      • Another good point made. I love science and how things work. I went to Physics camp two summers in a row at Purdue University in 7th and 8th grades. I got to see Jupiter close up and it’s swirling red spot. How many young kids can say that?! :D I love to take things apart and TRY to put them back together-it’s always 50/50 on if I succeed or not LOL. I’m always one that likes to learn about all kinds of stuff-but people find my questioning them…what’s the word…annoying I guess. Apparently you aren’t supposed to question things. Pffffbt-then how do we learn about things?! EESH some people lol. I DEFINITELY want to know the WHY of things. :)

      • Never stop questioning. In my opinion, curiosity is one of the most advantageous and amazing attributes we can possess. But I do understand that those who have this trait are oft met with animosity. We must be comfortable NOT knowing the answers, because we only seek to understand, not fully comprehend our reality. Humility is knowing the limits of the world, and being ok with that. That’s what makes us independent and strong, but most people are afraid of what they do not understand.

      • I’m not very vocabulary rich as you are-meds have taken away that and given me swiss cheese brain-but I am able to comprehend and understand what’s being talked about. I miss my capacity for words. I have to use Dictionary.com to find synonyms for words that I’m trying to use.

      • Don’t fret. It’s not a contest or anything, and I’m not judging you. I appreciate the conversation on the merits of it’s nature, in being both candid and unabashedly pleasant. I hope you are having a good day. We all just got back from a water park a little while ago after letting the 5 year old boy run around like a maniac for several hours. Now he’s curled up in bed for nap time. Ah, to be 5 and to have my only concerns be how much fun I was going to have each day. Yet I distinctly remember that once I was of the age where I was aware of what adulthood entailed, I wanted out of childhood rapidly.

      • I’ve had a lazy day. I did get dressed and go get my meds and a salad. Now, I could curl up like the 5 year old and zonk out! I never wanted to grow up-still don’t really. I don’t like to “adult” lol That’s the free spirit nature in my though. BUT I know that I HAVE to “adult” because I have my kids to take care of and my mental health to be concerned about. It is very difficult to have a good conversation with someone without all the superficial fluffy stuff. I like meat in my conversations. You’ve provided lots of meat :) I appreciate that a lot!!

      • Thanks Sassafras. Sometimes we get to decide what to do with our lives, but part of being in the world is knowing that we aren’t always in control. I am introspective and I try to be disciplined with my feelings. I don’t waste emotions on situations that can’t be altered. What’s the point, I ask myself? If I guy cuts me off on the freeway and nearly runs me off the road, is he going to learn from his mistakes because I go apeshit? Probably not. So I don’t frustrate myself when life takes over and forces me into a mold I find somewhat uncomfortable. I have the choice. I WANT to spend my energy on things I have some say over. And this generally helps with maintaining good mental health, because my illness thrives in an imbalanced, lawless mind. There’s a big heaping plate of meat for ya. Enjoy. :)

      • YAY! I’m SLOWLY learning to let things go that aren’t in my control. It’s not easy as I am a VERY emotional being-always have been. Now that I’ve got my feels back and I have clarity, I’m much calmer-even my family has noticed. I’m cutting out toxic people and situations. Ain’t got time for that! But all bets are off in the car-unless I’m listening to good music, then I’ll probably drive by and stare at the person. In the words of Elsa “Let It Go” Best phrase of that entire song to me is “It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small, and the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all! It’s time to see what I can do, to push the limits and break through.” I know, quoting a Disney movie, but hey-it fits! lol You know it’s hard for me to decide what to do with my life now that my shoulder is buggered up and I can’t do health care anymore..so I’m scared about doing something different, but it’s a good kind of scared. We shall see where the world takes me!

      • I love that movie. Haha. I see that you have passion, which is inspiring. Have a great Sunday. I’m going for a nap. I’m sure we’ll chat again soon. Thanks for a great conversation. ;)

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