Beach Day

Score: +4

We all went down to the beach today and had some fun. The swell was pretty small, but I got in on a couple of good waves. Mostly we walked around in the shallows and picked up empty clam shells for Tristan. He liked finding them when they were still two shells stuck together. 

I have been feeling good today. I’m a little anxious about going back to work, but that’s pretty normal for a Sunday. I get that anxiety that comes from anticipation and the stress involved. My job is very intense. I asked to have my seat moved away from the really awful people I currently sit near. I hope it goes through and I can get some relief from the idiocy. 

The 2015 NFL season is coming up and that’s good. I lost the fantasy football championship last year by 1.4 points. I have basically detached myself from concern this year. I don’t think I will win, and I guess I don’t care anymore. I’m 0-3 in championship games. I had my chance, and I couldn’t do it. So this year will be for fun. Whatever happens is fine, because I have no expectations.  I think that’s healthier than obsessing over it like I had been. 

Amanda slept in the bed with me most of last night, which was great. She has been out on the couch for more than a month. We have been having really good talks lately, deep conversations where we look at critical emotional issues. It goes both ways. I sometimes need her help sorting through my feelings and fears. She has helped me understand my dreams and their imagery. Things are very open between us. 

I’m ok. Feeling a little anxious, but that’s to be expected. Have a nice night blog. 

5 thoughts on “Beach Day

  1. Happy to hear you had a good time at the beach and that Amanda slept with you most of the night. Hope your chair request goes through-I hate being near idiocy. I feel my IQ drop and brain cells die when I’m around it.

    • Yeah it was nice just having her there with me, feeling her warmth beside me. A welcome change. I think my request to move seats will go through. They know I’m struggling. They want me at the apex of my game. As it were. I’ve had some big thoughts tonight. Posted again. I hope you are doing well.

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