Score: +4

A rock-solid day today. I was blissfully unaware of how much time had gone by during my shift and I had a consistent amount of work to do throughout the day. I was in an improving state today, and I can difinitively say that my energy level went up from yesterday (which is a fantastic sign). 

I’m here at my doctor’s office waiting for my therapy appointment. I have had some moments of weakness over the last month, but I have managed to recover my sanity and press on. Sadly, my next paycheck will be 1/4 smaller because of all the time I missed, but I do believe I have remedied that. I put in 3 of 5 days so far and I’m going strong. 

I keep frustrating myself trying to interact with people at work. I think it is generally understood that I am hated and no one wants anything to do with me (a consequence of my exacting standards). I mean, there are some people who are nice, but I see who they’d rather talk to. Now, I must get over this hurdle of wanting to interact with people at work. It’s an all-access granted featernity of stupidity and childishness. Everyone just wants to stand around and joke about each other all day, which is truly mindless. Do I REALLY want any part of that? I used to preoccupy myself with Wikipedia or other Google science articles, but too many people were abusing the internet while on the phone with a customer so it was taken away. People still do it, but if I was given direction not to do something, I listen. Yet they still get on their phones too even though write-ups were threatened. I guess they just don’t think that anything will really happen, so they don’t take management very seriously. I really hope the big-wigs who are visiting this week take note of how awful we are and get some shit done. 

Amanda finished her dual diagnosis treatment program today, and she goes back to work on Monday. She doesn’t much like that thought. She considered prolonging her absence for another week but that would probably do more harm than good for her already tenuous standing at work. But she should get a little downtime to herself this week, which should help ease her back into working mode. 

Well blog, I’m balanced and happy. This whole ex wife thing gave me a good chuckle. How silly it all is. Truly.