Score: +2.5

I have to make a profound perspective adjustment at work. I have become a perfectionist pariah and people regularly feel a need to berate or insult me for attempting to do my job correctly. It has come to the point where engaging with anyone but my omnidirectional supervisors seems pointless, and tends to cause more resentment than anything else. So after some thought, and with the input of others, I am abandoning my ongoing concern for the integrity of the workplace. I have officially detached from the concern tree and am drifting towards the ground of indifference. I have to just not care anymore. 

But this makes for a lonely me. I mean, it’s almost a petty desire to have friends at work. In reality, these people are not the kind of people I would befriend. They care about shoes, perverted jokes, and eating fast food every day for lunch. I don’t have much to say to any of them, so I think I just have to get over my loneliness. It’s futile. 

The rest of my life is moving along nicely. I’m really tired though. I had such a hard time getting up this morning. But tomorrow is Friday after all.