Score: +3.5

Today was the final, grueling day of the heat wave. Temperatures should drop by 5 – 10 degrees tomorrow, so hoo-fucking-ray! It’s 8:00 pm and still 91 inside my apartment… my patience for this weather has officially run out. 

Tristan had a good time with us but by the end of the 10 days he was getting irritable. He gets bored easily and then acts out, and he doesn’t listen when we ask him not to do things he shouldn’t be doing. We still have some time to invest in getting his brain oriented correctly. But he’s a good kid, enthusiastic. 

I’m sunburned and tired. Amanda and I had sex for the first time in over two months tonight. I guess her depression is indeed lifting; it wasn’t a consideration while entrenched in sorrow. Little steps forward. Goodnight.