Wardrobe Malfunction 

Score: +3.5

I think the god of clothing has decided I am the enemy. Yesterday my left dress shoe separated from the sole right as I was leaving to go home. Nearly fell on my face in the parking lot. I ordered some new ones and thought nothing of it. However, today my slacks gave up the ghost while I was at work. First I went to zip up after going to the bathroom and my zipper was broken. It had become disconnected from the other side. So I walked very gingerly back to my desk and on the way the tiny hole on the left pant leg snagged on a cubicle and completely split the side of my slacks. Tragedy. 

So I had a few hours of sick leave in reserve for an emergency such as this, and I departed with dignity somewhat intact. I did stay for long enough to complete the projects I had been in the middle of, but I had to go. 

I’m not sure if I’m cursed or whatever. I don’t feel cursed. Are you able to tell if you have angered the gods? 

Other than that, it was a good day. Busy. I had a lot if tickets to resolve, and that kept me going for a while. No issues to speak of. I’m doing well by just keeping to myself.