Score: +3.5

Today was tough. A big problem exploded at work that I was directly involved in. I was then thrown under the bus and lies were said about what I had done with several high ups on the email. 

I guess I could have retaliated, or gotten all pissed off. But instead I consulted my boss who went to bat for me and protected me from the fallout. I don’t want to get into the details, but it was s big deal. It poisoned me with stress. I tried not to take it personally, and in the end, I was cleared of wrongdoing. I was even credited with discovering a clerical error that prevented hundreds of invoices from being paid. That will be corrected now, and my company is about to collect thousands in past-due balance. 
Other than that, I kept my head down and did my job. I processed a ton of help tickets and took my usual 20+ calls. It was a busy day. 

I treated myself to an unhealthy dinner. I needed a yummy. I don’t feel anxious, but I have this hanging sense of impending doom. I’m looking forward to just relaxing tonight. 

11 thoughts on “Pressure

  1. Well good lord! I think an unhealthy dinner is ok after the shit fest you went through today. Hopefully the pressure of impending doom is the stress from today. Enjoy your relaxing night. I’m listening to it rain-I cracked my window and the sound is LOVELY!

    • The rain is a fantastic sound. How peaceful. My stress has decreased. Amanda and I had a great talk tonight about all sorts of things. We don’t fight, if we have beef, we discuss beef rationally and simply. It is so rewarding to talk with her. Truly. I hope you enjoy your storm. I would be if I were there.

      • It passed so now I’m listening to the tree frogs. Glad your dress has decreased. That’s wonderful you two are able to discuss things and have that rewarding feeling when it’s with someone who means so much. :) I can’t get too comfy right now-my 50 pound German Shepherd is taking up half the bed lol

      • When I lived out in the rural east county I had a creek close by so frogies and crickets were a symphony all night. It was awesome. Now all I have is a fan. Sigh.

        Yeah we always have such constructive talks. It inspired me to write another post even.

        Dogs are great. Best buds.

      • I have so many memories as a little girl camping and listening to frogs and crickets and raccoon adventures :) My husband sleeps with the fan on and blowing right on him…I don’t miss that.
        My dog is the best and spoiled and so smart. She’s my therapy dog without the certification. I’m lucky to have her <3
        Isn't it great when you can have that kind of communication with someone? :)

      • That’s awesome! I’m so thankful for the childhood I had, exposed to the wild. I have two polar opposite cats, one grumpy old lady, one needy kitten. They’re pretty funny, but they’re not dogs. In the end, they pretty much do whatever they want.

      • I am too. Camping, houseboat vacations, weekends with all my cousins! Haha-it’s the cats’ world and we just live in it! I used to not like dogs-I still personally can’t stand small little yappers (minus a few exceptions) but now I am loving them. I want a rescue pitty next. :p

      • The old lady cat will turn from purring love kitty to vicious cougar of death in a split second. Fangs, teeth and hissing. I personally think she’s got borderline personality disorder. A fitting pet for a mentally ill couple, I suppose.

      • HAHAHAHA I had a cat like that once. I called her a bitch cat. I think she was a reincarnated royal. Maybe all cats have some borderline or anxiety and agoraphobia. Strange creatures are they.

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