Score: +3

I had a good day today. My energy level was up in a much-needed way, because it was a busy one out there. I could have interpreted some things as negative, but I really just tried to preserve my attitude regardless of my surroundings. 

I met up with my friend Angi from high school today. She is going through a tough time with her husband, who is spiraling into depression and not doing anything about it. I feel for her situation, because I too have driven my partner away by going into the dark place and not helping myself out of it. I tried to offer as much insight as I could, and I listened to her attentively. I’m generalizing my own situation, but I do understand what it takes to lift oneself out of depression, even if it means torally rebuilding a life. I am going to talk with her again on Monday. I also reached out to her husband a few months ago on Facebook, and he seemed engaged for a bit, but then he stopped talking to me. He also decided to lower his meds (now that he is alone in France and feeling better). I really just hope she stays strong through this whole thing. It’s going to be hard. 

I’m pretty tired today. I rescheduled my therapy to next Thursday because it was too much to pull off in one day. I’m feeling good though.