Unexpected Zippyness

Score: +3.5

Ok, so the end is in sight… and that’s reassuring. So maybe knowing that has helped me, while also making plans to have some fun with my time off. Today marked a substantive increase in my energy, which peaked around lunch and carried me through the day. It was a tough one out there, and I had to tackle some new problems and learn a whole new procedure. So I needed my focus, and I handled the things that needed to get done today. 

Amanda and I talked about the upcoming 3 day weekend, and we have some great ideas about what to do. Activities to look forward to help make the ceaseless onslaught more endurable. I’m expecting a crash tomorrow, as there’s no way I’m going to be able to replenish my battery. I’m strung-out. 

But I only need to grind for two more days. I can do that. Tomorrow I go see Margaret, and I hope I bring some energy to it. It’s generally pretty taxing to do therapy, and I’m going to have very little go-juice left by the time my session begins. I may be gassed, but we’ll see. I have hope. 

Things have been good, if not draining. Amanda pointed out that my energy level has gone down over the last several months having changed my shift from 9:30 am start to 5:30 am start. I guess that’s fairly accurate. It is hard to wake up at 4:30 every day. I have to push myself HARD to get up, but I do. I have found ways to cope. I have my 4 cup coffee pot at work, and I do a couple of those to jar myself out of the funk. Once the cobwebs are clear, I do a lot better. 

People were actually talking to me today, which was weird. Normally people just ignore me, but I was involved in several irrelevant discussions, much to my surprise. People only really talk to me when they have a question and a supervisor isn’t around to answer it. I have 2 to 4 of those a day. 

Well blog, I’m ok. Tomorrow is 11 of 12. Sounds marvelous. 

9 thoughts on “Unexpected Zippyness

  1. Well glad to see that you had some pep today. Maybe the seat change at work has helped with interacting with others? Never know! I’ll have the entire house to myself for the weekend as mom and dad leave for Boise Saturday and this is the kids’ weekend with their dad (maybe..I have a feeling he will pull some bs) and I get the house to myself ALL DAY ALL WEEK NEXT WEEK!
    Hope you guys have settled on weekend plans that are relaxing and enjoyable :)

    • Yeah not sure what the reason behind the behavior change was, but it’s better than being hated.

      Sounds like you have a much needed break. I am glad for you. We are planning on going to a Tourmaline mine and doing some rock collecting. We also hope to do some thrift shopping and frisbee tossing. Yay! We were going to drive up to Six Flags Magic Mountain but that would have taken all weekend and been very expensive. So we nixed that.

      • It sounds like it might be good at work :)
        I am so excited-not because I’ll be alone all day, but because my parents get to spend 8 days with very dear friends that were a part of my childhood into my adulthood.
        Ooooo the mine sounds fun! You would be amazed at those thrift store finds! Do you guys play frisbee golf? Apparently it’s all the rage out here…*eye roll*. Yeah, who wants to spend all weekend driving and spending that much money?

      • Yeah things are improving at work. I’m not getting my hopes up or anything.

        I’m glad your parents get a break too. That’s good.

        We tried to load our extra long break up with things to do. I do not frisbee golf. That requires skill, which I do not have. I play catch with whoever, and run after it when there is an errant throw. My accuracy is decent, though rusty at this point. But it should be fun.

      • That is true. I’m supposed to brew some of my coworker’s coffee in my maker tomorrow. Kinda nice. But I don’t have any expectations. I’m just going with the flow.

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