12 of 12

Score: +3

I made it to the end. 

I’m taking in every moment of my time off, starting right now. 

I worked after the end of the day at my aunt’s house. I was there fixing her computer and I ended up diagnosing a hard drive failure and I cleaned all her temporary files trying to fix it, and little did I know that that’s where she stored ALL of her website links. She made no bookmarks, so she lost all her web addresses that she hadn’t written down anywhere else. Which I think is silly, but I couldn’t fix her computer and then destroyed all her links. I feel bad about that. 

Today at work was fine. It was busy. I stayed after it all day. I did lots of stuff. 

Amanda and I had sushi tonight. Celebrating our start of mini vacation. I’m even thinking of having a cup of coffee or two. 

I’m watching the game. Goodnight.