Cause To Rejoice

Score: +4

A fantastic day today blog. Amanda and I got after it early, and by 9:30 we had hammered out the chores. Good thing too, because one of my fantasy football drafts took place at 10. After my draft, we hit a couple of thrift stores and I scored some absolutely essential apparel (undershirts for work, and “kickin’ it” shorts). We bought 6 – 9 garments per person at each place, and spent just $70. You can’t buy one pair of jeans for that at Macy’s. Thrifting fucking rocks. So it was a good afternoon. We got some pizza and had a late lunch, but right after that, we were back on another mission. This time, we recovered a PC that had been sitting unused at Amanda’s parents house. She gave it to them a while ago, and they never did anything with it, or even turned it on. We collected it, and of all things, gave it to Amanda’s ex husband to turn into a Minecraft server so we can play with Tristan when he is at his dad’s house. Amanda thinks her friend Will would like to get back into it as well, and now I am starting to play. I have the basics down, but there’s plenty of room to improve my skills. I think this is a good activity that we are all participating in. Approve. We fiddled around the clean apartment and I gave Amanda an awesome foot rub, followed by an orgasm. That made her happy, and me too. All in all, this was a great day, capped off about as nicely as one could hope for. I am full of food, happy and satisfied. Today deserved a four. It was solid. Tomorrow we drive up to the Oceanview Mine to collect precious stones: Tourmaline, Kunzite, Aquamarine and Quartz. We are hoping for the best, but you never know. Goodnight. 

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