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I was out all day yesterday and only worked a half day today. I was in a blurry tired place all day. My head has been pounding, my throat is scratchy and I’ve been sneezing/coughing constantly. I have now run out of sick leave. Sadly. 

But I think I really needed the break. My energy has been in the crapper. I slogged through four hours today and barely held it together. Amanda and I both are fighting something off. She stayed home today too. I intend on an early bedtime, with some much needed battery recharging. 

Other than the illness, things have been fine. Amanda and I are having fun on our mine craft server. Though recently I died and lost everything I had saved up: diamond tools, ender pearls, tons of food and arrows… all because a creeper got through the portal and detonated as soon as I came through, casting me into lava where I perished rapidly. It sucked. The nether is one horrible burning hell dimension with scores of bad things aiming to kill you. I went back shortly after losing all 37 of my levels and died right away to a horde of pig zombies on a futile mining mission. I have not been back there since. I have, instead, expanded my mineshaft to great lengths, so much so that a cart will almost certainly be needed to get in and out of it because the walking distance is insane. 

I’m tired. There’s a football game on tonight, but I probably won’t watch much of it. 

11 thoughts on “Sickies

  1. They’re going around. Feel better soon. That sucks major donkey balls about your saved game. I’d throw a hissy, not play for a month then go hell bent back at it. The bipolar mind-a beautiful catastrophe.

    • I think I will be ok tomorrow. Yeah I got mad when I died. I stopped playing and drank some coffee. But it’s not like I lost stuff I can’t eventually replace. I’m most of the way back to where I was after working on it today. Thanks for stopping by.

      • This week has been BUSY! I had a horrid time reading Morgue’s post yesterday because of interruptions! ARGH! I usually die in Fallout right when I realize I need to save my game and lose HOURS of play. Always happens lolol

      • I feel your pain. We have spent time building a defensive tower and I have constructed a powered track for my mine cart, which is a bit like a roller coaster. It’s pretty cool. Minecraft doesn’t really cause a “game over” when you die, but you lose all your xp and stuff you were carrying. Some can be salvaged if you go back to where you died, but some is lost forever. I still enjoy it.

      • That’s so cool. Monkey has minecraft on her kindle and she gets so frustrated bless her heart. But she does the free play on that. At least you can salvage some things. Oy all this talk of gaming has me wanting a PS4! Argh!! LOL

      • I’m meh. I have a dr appt in a hour for my shoulder. The weather here is grey and rainy. I’ve yet to take my other am meds. I could go back to bed. Blah.
        Is the depression kicking in or is it still feeling sickly!

      • It could be both things affecting you. Depression can be amplified by changes in environment. I hope it goes well at the doctor. I don’t think I’m staying here at work the whole day.

      • Probably is. Dr recommends surgery. Seeing a lawyer Tuesday. It’s bs all the way around. I’m ready for a nap and a macalister’s sweet tea. And chocolate. Those cheer me up. Some days we just gotta throw in the towel and say fuck it

      • Indeed. We take a step in the right direction and do the best we can. It doesn’t all get resolved all at once. Once the energy is gone, I don’t see how we have much choice but to call it quits.

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