Score: +3

Things are changing at work. The hammer has fallen on management and we are being scrutinized arbitrarily. I don’t necessarily fear for my lot, but I don’t like the atmosphere. Things have become more hostile. 

Besides the stress of work, me emotions have been ok. I tried to trade or give away my weekend shift but no dice. None of them even wanted an extra fucking day if pay. I almost wanted to take it personally. Fuck those guys. 

Anyway. Amanda’s birthday is on Sunday, but we will be celebrating on Saturday. And Friday night with my parents. Her crystal birthday presents are still on their way from China. Maybe I can take her shopping on Sunday for the rest of her loot. 

I hope things at work improve. I feel oppressed and not cared about there. My boss hardly ever says anything positive to me. It’s starting to suck. 

2 thoughts on “Executioner

  1. I hate the work scrutiny. You’re a great employee that busts his ass. Assfucks.
    Hope you and Amanda have a lovely weekend for her birthday :) Better post pics of her goodies. I need some cheering up. Have a good night

    • The crystals are all quite beautiful. I will certainly have pictures. Things are going to be ok. I just have to keep doing what I do. Thanks for checking in. Sounds like you’ve had a rough few days. Damn that Florida. Anyway, goodnight.

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