Score: +2.5

I made it a full Monday with no leaving early. It was really hard. I struggled against that negative voice all day, telling me I had to leave and give up. But I didn’t. I hung in there. 

Today was hard because of the volume of stuff to do. It was more than any one person could accomplish in one sitting. I tried to get it down to one page, to no avail. Things are pending for me to resolve tomorrow. Lots of things. 

Amanda went back to work today, but had a terrible day. Lied about and abused. However, her art was accepted for publication and her crystals arrived in the mail. Pictures below. 

Overall, we are moving through life. Things get tough from time to time. This is the way. 

I feel ok. It could be worse. It HAS been worse. Many times. This life is solid. Stable. And in it I am doing very well. I have a partner who accepts me. And all my flaws. I feel somewhat distant, but depression is the culprit behind that. Amanda is going through a hard time. And I support her through it all. 


10 thoughts on “Drink?

  1. Good job on making it through today even though it was hard. *Fist bump* Congratulations to Amanda on her art and her crystals are lovely! You are very lucky to have someone who accepts and helps you as you are ❤️ I’m drinking decaf sweet tea. I allot myself 1 mt dew in the am to help with my headache-unless it’s the weekend. Have a good night my friend. Again, good job today 😊

    • Thanks Sass. I hear you are going through some shit. I am very lucky to have found her. We are going to get through this tough time together, and be stronger because of it in the end. Just gotta keep plugging away and getting through each day, no matter how hard it is. Hope you have a good day.

      • You’re welcome. Shit doesn’t even begin to cover what I’ve been dealing with. We will get through it, but good gawd damn do o have to keep being beaten down at every step?! *Shakes fist at sky* I’m meh today. Weather is cool and rainy..makes me wanna crawl in bed for a nap 😉

      • Humid and hot here today. Partly cloudy. Good old San Diego winter weather. Le sigh. Hope things improve for you. Life can be fairly merciless at times…

      • I’m jealous of your heat. Heat makes me feel better. Life is beyond merciless right now. It’s relentless and ever tightening its grip, squeezing me to see how long it takes until I pop. Yes, descriptive, I know. I’m just in that minds pace. Fuck it.

      • Sounds terrible. When things get like that, all you can do is focus on daily survival. By whatever means necessary. I’ve been through stretches like that, and they loosen up eventually. Problems get solved, circumstances change. I have you in my thoughts.

      • Yeah, that’s tough. I’m sorry for your struggles. We each have our own burdens in this life. Mine just happen to be in a different, less severe shape as yours. We are in this together.

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