34 Hours of Freedom

Score: +2

I was assailed by my random paranoid emotions today. They were hard at work inundating my active thoughts with memories and upwellings. Much to my surprise, as I have done nothing to aggravate them lately. Random things would set them off. I struggled all day to keep the lid on, AND do my job at a high level. It was tiring, and I survived largely unscathed. However, my whole energy level has taken a hit (see today’s score). 

I don’t get a whole weekend, just Saturday. I’m at work for 9 hours on Sunday. Hence the title; I clearly get less than two days to have fun and relax. Also, this Sunday marks day 1 of 7 in a row at work. It’s unfortunate to only get 1 day off, because I’ll have lots to do on Saturday, and will get less time than usual to recharge the battery. It will not be full going into the week. It’s times like these that I remind myself that doing hard things is what makes me strong. I have done my best to rise to the occasion. 

Poor Amanda. I know she basically works non stop all day, because her job is at the gateway to Hell. Her boss is insane, and treats her like flank steak. It’s a terrible situation that we both have been pondering in recent days. But we are in a hole and need to make some money, so we have to hunker down and hammer out some yardage, regardless of weather conditions. We are off to a good start. 
So I am going to relish these first few tasty hours of freedom while pondering my fantasy football teams and try my best to unwind. I hope your weekend goes swimmingly.