Score: +2.5

I’m picking up some extra time at work and working 9 hour days for the foreseeable future. I’m pretty desperate to save some money so this is a necessary step. Sometimes we do the hard things because we must in order to survive. 

My relationship has been positive. Amanda met with her doctor and she has made progress in the right direction. I can see her smile coming back. We have some cannabis and have been smoking it. It’s nice to have it, for now. I sensed we needed a break from sobriety. And we never got carried away, we just enjoyed in moderation. 

I am doing swell. I’m lead in sales at work, and have been for the last several weeks. No one cares to talk to me about it, or what I do. I’m still an outsider there. However, I am more accepted than before. 

I’m letting my hair get long. I look very different with my neck-length hair. It has only recently started to behave, so I wear it in its natural state. A coworker made a joke about it being 70s hair. Probably closer to accurate than the joke intended. 

Overall I’m just gauging how much I can handle. Taking on another hour is going to pay dividends, but it remains to be seen how my energy will respond.