Score: +3.5

We’re back in a rhythm here. 9 hour days are routine. Tired by 7:30 to be expected. Work is lightening up a bit, which I don’t mind after the hell we had been through. We are getting some new people around here, but relief will not be processed until weeks from now. They have a long way to go. I remember how clueless I was when I started. Got myself into all kinds of trouble. Things have stabilized since.  

Personally, I’m doing ok. My energy is low, but my attitude is excellent. Amanda and I are good. She’s climbing out of a depressed place, and I can already see the shadows fading. We are trying to eat better, and do ourselves a favor. Eating poorly just lowers energy and makes everything harder. 

I really should try to blog on the weekends when I have more with the words. Brain is tired now. Time for bed.